Assembly of metal parts using ultrasound – ultrasonic metal welding :

For over 30 years, SONIMAT has provided expertise in materials assembly, such as composites, textiles, packaging, thermoplastics and metals.

Ultrasound technology can be used to vibrate two metal parts at high frequency and thus create “molecular seizing”. This method is increasingly used in industry, particularly in manufacturing electronics as well as automotive and medical products, because it creates a particularly strong bond without using glue, screws or rivets.

Moreover, ultrasonic welding has many advantages over traditional welding methods, including:

  • faster welding speed,
  • cleaner and more ecological production,
  • reduction in manufacturing costs
  • superior welding quality

As an ultrasonic welding expert, SONIMAT provides you with modules, workstations and complete machines for metal part assembly applications.

Our ultrasound metal welding solutions

At SONIMAT, we provide our customers with solutions specific to their needs and their products requiring metal part welding:

  1. Systems and machines designed for metal welding applications
  2. The manufacture of special machines integrating our ultrasound welding processes
  3. Ultrasonic tools manufactured and verified in France by us

Ultrasonic metal welding technology

Ultrasonic Welding Systems and Machines


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