Thermoplastic and plastic welding

We have been experts in thermoplastic materials welding since 1993. We provide our know-how to our clients in various fields of activity involving plasturgy (automotive, medical, consumer goods and more).

Our understanding of your needs, the support we provide in the project process, the quality of our welding machines and on-time delivery are all strengths on which we relied to fulfil your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our plastic welding solutions

SONIMAT is renowned for the reliability of its machines installed in processes for welding thermoplastics using technologies such as infrared, hot plate, spin, laser, ultrasonic, hot riveting, heat stacking, riveting, flanging, insertion and more.

Our expertise is also focused on the design of specific tools for each part to be welded.


Videos – Machines range and applications

They trust us

First, ultrasound

SONIMAT is a pioneer in the development of digital ultrasonic welding ensuring perfect quality and repeatability of plastic assembly and welding.

Since 1999 SONIMAT has been using digital ultrasound generators in order to achieve better control of the process and optimum plastic welding quality. Indeed, our ultrasound generators make it possible to guarantee amplitude linearity as well as a control of the various welding parameters (energy, time, power, etc.)

To date, for assembly and plastic welding by digital ultrasound, we have a unique source of feedback allowing us to provide you with increasingly innovative and efficient products.

Expertise in plastic welding applied to other technologies

With this unique experience in ultrasonic thermoplastic assembly, we have developed a complementary range to meet all of your plastic welding projects: mirror or hot plate welding, infrared welding, spin welding and finally laser welding.

From design to production of your elements, processes and machines, SONIMAT technicians and engineers provide a quality service and tailor-made responses fully adapted to your needs and requirements.