Press Release – Inauguration of a new facility

  • relecteurs
  • 6 July 2016

Press Release – Inauguration – June 30, 2016 – Châtillon-en-Michaille (AIN, 01) – 05/07/2016 : On Thursday June 30, 2016 was held the official inauguration of the new SONIMAT building, in the presence of many customers and elected representatives of the Community of Communes of the Bellegardien Country ( CCPB).

Previously based at the business incubator in Châtillon-en-Michaille, Etournelles area, SONIMAT (Europe Technologies Group) is now establishing itself in the Bellegardian region by moving a few hundred meters into a building constructed with the help of the CCPB.

The company welcomed more than a hundred people during the day, between customers, prospects, elected officials but also work colleagues from other geographic sites (Lencloître – 86 and Carquefou – 44). The presence of numerous machines in operation and in the course of assembly betrayed a growing activity for the structure.

“This is a historic event since it is the first building we have built. We greatly appreciated the technical, operational and financial support of the CCPB ”- specifies Christelle BOUTOLLEAU, Deputy Director of the Europe Technologies group on which the SONIMAT structure depends. “This project started in 2013 with the support of the CCPB in order to meet the demands of our customers in the region. Without this building, we would not be able to claim growth, which itself will guarantee jobs ”- adds Jean-François LERGES, Operational Director of the new SONIMAT site. This question of jobs was at the center of the first discussions on the file as recalls Eric VIOLLEAU, former Managing Director of SONIMAT, present from the start of the project “the structure will reach 15 people by the end of summer . This is more than what was announced when presenting the dossier. We are ahead of growth forecasts, the mission is fulfilled. ”

The company brings its know-how and technologies for welding thermoplastics to the territory. A large part of its turnover is invested in R&D and allows it to maintain a high degree of innovation, an area in which the Bellegardian region is doing well, as Guy LARMANJAT, Departmental Councilor for the Canton of Bellegarde has remembered. and Patrick PERREARD, President of the CCPB, both present.

With this relay building, SONIMAT is able to concentrate its investments in its means of production and is already planning for the future. An appointment has even been given in the coming years for the new inauguration, that of the extension of the building.