Ultrasonic food cutting and slicing

SONIMAT has been working in ultrasonic food cutting and slicing since 1993.

Applied to food slicing, ultrasound technology has significant advantages for the food industry. We design and manufacture your ultrasonic food cutting machine, according to your specifications and with our technology that has been mastered and developed for over 30 years.

Slicing, portioning, cube cutting, slicing shapes for cheeses, cakes, pâtés, mousses, processed products, fish, fruit and more; ultrasonic slicing provides the perfect cutting quality for a multitude of products.

Unlike other food cutting technologies, ultrasonic slicing eliminates product loss and increases productivity. Indeed, the vibration of the slicing blade prevents the sticking and clogging of the cutting tool by products, the cutting quality is optimal and repeatable !

Discover the applications and advantages of ultrasonic technology applied to slicing food products.

Our ultrasonic slicing solutions

We provide our food industry customers with solutions perfectly suited to their needs and products :


  1. the manufacture, development and control of ultrasonic tools and components.
  2. The range of SONISLICE ultrasonic slicing technology slicers can be adapted to all types of continuous or intermittent cutting.
ultrasonic food cutting - ultrasonic slicer

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